Getting Started

First thing you need to do when creating your Rare Doge, is to create a Dogeparty asset to associate with it. To the non crypto-coin person this can be quite the learning task. To people already involved in Dogecoin its not that hard. Visit the Dogeparty University to learn how to create an asset. The cost to create an asset is 0.5 XDP (and 1 Dogecoin for the miner fee)

Cost to submit to the Rare Doge directory is RAREDOGECASH. All profits will be spent to sustain and promote the Rare Doge Directory.

Once approved your card will appear in the Rare Doge Directory

Card Rules
  1. Doge's must be 400x560 or 800x1120. They can look like trading cards but it is not required.
  2. Cards can be animated gif's but keep them to 5 mb or less in size. Use Compression.
  3. When making your token it must have at least 100 Shares and maximum of 100,000 Shares.
  4. Your Doge must not be divisible. <— make sure!!
  5. Your Doge must be LOCKED so your Doge cannot be inflated.
  6. Make sure your artwork at least has something to do with Doge.
  7. No NSFW content please. Trying to be keep it light and fun for now.
  8. No websites or QR codes
  9. Make sure your Doge is dank enough for review
  10. Submissions must be ORIGINAL. Our rareness quality team examines each Doge for rareness. (no stealing!) Our experts understand that lots of Doge's borrow from each other to an extent, but try to add as much original content as possible.
Rare Doge Directory Submission Rules
  1. Pay a non-refundable submission fee of RAREDOGECASH to DRARE6E3XtuJkKVfcA2mHwgZVR88f5TU92
  2. Send 1 of your Doge cards to DRARE6E3XtuJkKVfcA2mHwgZVR88f5TU92 for the Rare Doge Directory inspection*
  3. No Doges should be distributed before the Rare Doge Scientists get a chance to inspect the doge.
  4. 10% of the Doges need to be distributed within the first 90 days after inspection**
  5. You give up all Intellectual Property (IP), Trademark (™), Copyright (©) protection and rights for the Doge***
  6. Only 1 submission per day per artist. Want to have variety.

* After inspection, Doge will be kept in the Doge Museum for future generations to enjoy.
** Failure to do so could result in a de-certification as a Rare Doge and removal from the directory.
*** You acknowledge that by publishing your Doge in this directory your artwork becomes public domain art.
Card Template

Here is a template to use. You can use others or alter this one as you wish. It can be a full card of art, and doesn’t need to look like a trading card at all.

Doge Submission Form
* Required Information
** Information is only for doge scientists to review and will not be publicly disclosed
Upload Doge Image